Steel Deck Installation and Construction


Steel deck, also known as metal deck, is a galvanized steel sheet used in the construction of composite concrete floor slabs. It is also useful as a structural element in roof construction. It is used to support insulating membranes when specified as metal roof decking. Since composite metal decking has a high strength-to-weight ratio, it is ideal for use on both floors and roof construction. Other benefits of metal decking include consistent quality and proven durability, excellent fire effectiveness and lower costs.

The steel deck flooring system is a complex structure as it is a composite not only of concrete but also of a large number of steel sheets used to form the top surface. The system is used in modern buildings because it offers many advantages over other types of floors such as wood or masonry.

The main advantage of using this kind of flooring system is that it can be easily maintained. Unlike other materials which may require frequent replacement due to their natural deterioration, over time. In addition, this type provides excellent acoustic properties due to its smoothness and cleanliness, which makes your home more comfortable than ever before!

The main part of the steel deck flooring system is the steel deck board. This board is made of solid. It is made from hot rolled steel and is used as a structural platform for concrete.

Separate rebar is welded to the steel deck to fix the deck in place and ensure a better connection between the steel deck and the supporting beam.

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Steel Decking Advantage and Disadvantage

Steel decking is a popular choice for construction projects due to its numerous advantages. However, it also has some disadvantages that should be considered.


1. For slab casting, it is lightweight and does not require any formwork or support props.

Wet concrete casting in traditional construction requires a supporting structure because wet concrete cannot support its own weight with just reinforced steel. The support is assembled and disassembled both before and after the casting, which extends the overall project timeline.

2. This reduces the amount of reinforcing steel by 20% because the deck profile itself largely contributes to the tensile reinforcing property. 

The floor deck serves as a structural component of the building and transfers horizontal forces similarly to the reinforced steel. As a result, less reinforced steel is needed. Additionally, the structure’s weight is decreased.

3. It acts as a permanent shuttering and composite member.

Instead of using temporary shuttering for the concrete casting, decks are used as permanent shuttering inside the structure, making the floor a composite structure of concrete with a stronger yield strength for the entire structure.

4. There is no need for major reinforcement unless the design parameters require it. 

The deck as a whole plane provides a stronger connection between the purlins and beams, providing greater structural strength than just major reinforced steel.

5. Slab thickness reductions result in lighter slabs and lower foundation loads, resulting in less material. 

The floor thickness in concrete casting is difficult to regulate and frequently much thicker than in floor casting with decks. The concrete floors self-weight even weakens the floor’s overall yield strength.

5. Consumption and thus cost savings 

Casting a floor with decks requires less cement and reinforced steel, which covers deck costs and more.

6.The deck can be utilized as a work surface while building

Decks keep workers safer during construction than hanging between reinforced steel and shuttering. This improves worker safety.

7. Getting the construction done faster will save time and money. 

Floor decking enables construction without shuttering and additional supports during assembly and disassembly, greatly reducing the time required for the entire project. Eventually, labor costs will decrease.

8.Metal decks can also be used in concrete roofing and cladding sheets.

In addition to decks for floors, there are also decks for roofing and wall cladding. They provide greater structural strength for the building and take less time to install and construct.


1.Experienced construction teams are required.

Despite the fact that floor decking sheets make construction easier in the end. Workers are still unfamiliar with this type of construction method. As a result, workers need some time to become familiar with the decks.

2. Some countries require imports, and some areas are only available in certain areas. 

You can find local suppliers anywhere in the world, unlike with traditional reinforced steel bars. Some countries must import floor decking because they lack local steel manufacturers or since the manufacturers are not developed enough to produce it.

3. Difference in construction timeline

The floor decking reduces the overall project duration, which may necessitate rescheduling of additional projects like the frame work.

4. Higher initial cost

Although a steel-framed building is much more affordable than a wood-framed building, steel structures last much longer than wooden structures, which only last for 10-15 years. Floor decking may be more economical for long-lasting structures.

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  1. It’s great that you mentioned how the floor deck would serve as a structural component of the building and transfers horizontal forces similarly to the reinforced steel. We are planning to build our house soon and we are currently preparing for it. As a first step, we should probably get some supplies first, like metal decking.

  2. Thank you for sharing. It helps a lot to those people who do DIY JOBS due to high cost of labor. God bless

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