Ceiling work material: Carrying channelCarrying Channel – The main support of a suspended ceiling system, on which further furring members or furring channels can be attached, is the furring member. The carrying channel, like the double furring channel, is also used on suspended ceilings and may support the whole ceiling assembly. The carrying channel can be utilized as girders or beams to support the double furring and connect to the hangers when used with a double furring channel. The standard length is 5m, and the price is calculated based on the average cost per length.

Ceiling hangers

Ceiling Hanger – is a wire, rod, or strap connected to an above structure to support a conduit, pipe, or overall framework of a suspended ceiling system.





Ceiling work material: W clipW Clip- W-clip is used to join carrying channel and metal furring.





Ceiling work material: Wall Angle

Wall Angle– Wall Angle is the perimeter member for ceiling metal framework. This is fixed to the wall.






Metal furingMetal Furring – Metal furring refers to a non-structural metal attachment that is used to hold a finish material.




Blind rivetsBlind Rivets-A blind rivet is a mechanical attaching method that connects two surfaces. It is used anytime welds are not practicable, such as between two metal sheets. When apps are only accessible from one side, this is the best option.