A water storage tank is a container that keeps clean water from your reverse osmosis system or other filtration systems until you are ready to use it. Pressurized storage tanks release water on demand, whereas atmospheric tanks require the use of a booster pump to maintain pressure.

Water storage tanks come in a wide range of sizes, designs, and specs, and they can be used for household, commercial, or large-scale industrial or municipal purposes.

Water tanks are used to store water for use for a variety of purposes, including drinking water, irrigated agriculture, fire control, agricultural farming (for both plants and livestock), chemical manufacture, food preparation, and many more. Water tank specifications include the tank’s overall design as well as the materials and linings used in its construction.

A water tank is made from a variety of materials, including polymers (polyethylene and polypropylene), fiberglass, concrete, stone, and steel (welded or bolted, carbon, or stainless).

Above Ground Fiberglass Storage Tanks

 Above ground fiber glass storage tankThese tanks are between several of the tanks we’ve identified above. Even if they can’t carry millions of gallons, they are still quite effective.

For storing caustic water, there are fiberglass above-ground tanks. This covers the storage of drinkable water, waste, and rainfall.

These tanks may be used for other liquids as well, if you need to store them.

Bolted Steel Tanks

 Bolted steel tankThese tanks are not for the faint-hearted. They have a huge capacity to store water. These tanks start off with a capacity of 150,000 gallons, even though some tanks will never be used for that.

Do you need to keep a few million gallons of water in storage? With these tanks, it won’t be a concern.

Bolted steel tanks are totally waterproof and may hold a variety of liquids, including water.

Carbon Welded Steel Tanks

Water storage tank | Carbon Welded Steel TanksWater storage tank constructed of carbon welded steel are sturdy and durable, but they do not carry the risk of Lyme disease leaching as concrete does.

This tank is adaptable in both construction and function. Tanks made of stainless or galvanized steel are available. You may also utilize them for fire prevention, drinkable water, wastewater treatment, and other purposes.

Carbon welded steel tanks come with internal coatings according to the tank’s intended usage.

Concrete Water tanks

Water storage tank | Concrete Water tanksThe traditional method of storing water is in a concrete water tank or reservoir, which is constructed out of concrete, a durable and robust material. Installing a concrete water tank is a good investment in today’s world where everything is made of plastic. You won’t need to consider the ideal water temperature while building a concrete tank on or off your land. In essence, the water you have in your tank may be thought of as spring water, which is the safest to drink.

Corrugated Steel Tank

Corrugated steel tankCorrugated steel tanks provide a durable choice. If you don’t want to use concrete, these are excellent substitutes. 

This sort of tank is available in a wide range of sizes, from a few hundred gallons to several million. And they may be used to practically anything. They are frequently utilized for potable, stormwater, waste, and irrigation purposes.

Pillow Tanks

Pillow tankIdeal for temporary liquid storage, pillow tanks are designed for short-term storage in height restricted locations such as under decks, patios and more.

Polyethylene Tanks

Polyethylene TanksFor people with limited funds who don’t want a large tank, these “plastic” tanks are ideal. They’re easy to transport due to their modest

One typical application for this kind of tank is rainwater collection. Another is water storage at home.

Tanks made of polyethylene are black in color. As a result, algae cannot develop since the sun is blocked.

Stainless Steel Water Storage Tanks

Water storage tank | Stainless Steel Water Storage TanksAnother adaptable alternative for holding water is stainless steel. However, they aren’t only used for water. Stainless steel makes an excellent water storage tank container for a variety of sectors, including breweries, dairies, and chocolate production.

Due to the safety that stainless steel offers, it may be utilized for any water-related purpose, including the provision of drinking water.

Underground Fiberglass Tanks

Underground Fiberglass TanksThese subterranean tanks are constructed of non-corrosive fiberglass. They are utilized often by numerous commercial businesses because of their tremendous versatility.

Underwater tanks are ideal when space conservation is a priority. They make it possible to store a lot of water while still having an area above ground for structures or other uses.

Underground fiberglass tanks can be used to store rainfall, wastewater, and drinkable water.

Before purchasing one of these tanks, make sure you obtain the proper coating.