Types of Roof Trusses

                                            Types of roof truss: King trussKing Post Truss -This types of roof truss is usually for short spans. They are usually used in extensions, garages, porches and outbuildings. Many ancient buildings have open, visible king post trusses.

Types of roof truss: Howe trussHowe Truss–  A Howe Scissors truss is named after its appearance, which resembles an open pair of scissors. Its bottom chord is connected  at the apex to form a sloping or arched ceiling. Naturally, this truss is used in buildings to create pitched roofs.

types of roof truss: Hip TrussHip Truss– The roof’s hip line is formed by this type of roof truss. It looks like a half-truss but with a longer upper chord. It extends to the truncated beam truss and is completed as the top of the hip some jacks and creeper trusses, but not into the hip truss.

Gambrel TrussGambrel Truss– A gambrel truss is a roof support. Its most distinguishing feature is that it has two slopes on both sides of the peak. These roof trusses are commonly used to construct the roofs of barns, hangars, sheds, and Colonial-style residences. Gambrel trusses are designed to distribute the weight of a roof evenly across the structure’s walls. They offer more floor and headroom than certain trusses.

Fink TrussFink truss– The Fink truss is a very common types of roof truss with a “W” shape between the chords. It is a very simple but efficient shape that can be used in various projects.

Mono Pitch TrussMono Pitch Truss–  A single-pitch truss rafter is a right-angle truss and is used to create a sloping like mono pitched roof.