A roof is more than just a structure that provides shade and protection over our heads. It is also the home’s crowning glory, defining its overall appearance. Roof designs for houses vary in design and size based on the footprint and architectural style of the structure.

Whatever your roof’s designs and styles, keep in mind that this is your home’s protection. To keep your home safe from the elements, you’ll need proper roofing. It must also be structurally safe and have the appropriate roofing system.

Roof designs & styles | Dormer roofDormer Roof – Dormers have a window that protrudes vertically from a typical pitched roof, resulting in an enlarged window in the roof. This style of roof is most common in loft conversions since it allows for simple expansion of space and natural light in the converted loft area.

Roof designs & styles | Gambrel roofGambrel Roof – A gambrel roof style is a symmetrical two-sided roof with a shallow top portion and a steeper lower slope on either side. This style maximizes the space within a building’s loft, although it is primarily utilized on outhouses and barns due to its inability to withstand high winds or snowfall.
Roof designs & styles | Mansard roofMansard Roof-A mansard roof is a four-sided gambrel roof with a double slope comprising one steep and one shallow upper slope on each side. The Mansard roof style is a common choice for structures that want to optimize living space by offering the option of using the loft as extra living space.

Roof designs & styles | M-shape roofM-shaped roof– is a double gable roof with two sloping sides that meet in the middle and similar slopes on each side.

Roof designs & styles | Open gable roofOpen Gable Roof – the sole difference between an open gable roof and a box gable roof is the boxed off sides on either end. The ends of this style of roof are left open to meet the walls directly. There are no additional benefits to choosing one over the other; the decision is solely dependent on looks.

Shed roofShed Roof – A skillion roof is made out of a single flat surface that is pitched at a steep degree to allow for water drainage. Skillion roofs, sometimes known as’shed roofs,’ are incredibly simple and inexpensive to build since they are constructed of only one piece of roofing.

Simple hip roofSimple Hip Roof – Known as the simple hip roof, it has symmetrical moderate slopes on all four sides towards the walls, with no gables or vertical sides. Hip roofs are characterized by the fact that the roof sides are usually always symmetrical from the central point.

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