Types of Bolt

 Anchor bolt

Anchor Bolt- These types of bolts are usually embedded in concrete or masonry for structural applications.

carriage bolt

Carriage Bolt– These types of bolt fasteners are available in a variety of materials (stainless steel being the most popular). A carriage bolt is threaded along part of its shank and has a round head and flat tip. Carriage bolts, also known as plow bolts or coach bolts, are most often used in woodworking projects.Expansion bolt

Expansion Bolt-In order to secure heavy items, expansion bolts might be utilized. Vertically and horizontally load-bearing capacity A bolt’s opposing end pushes into a shell when it is tightened, causing it to expand outward and wedge itself into a wall or floor hole.

J bolt

J Bolt– J-bolts are J-shaped fasteners, threaded on the flat side. They are often used in structural applications like securing walls to concrete foundations.

Tap bolt

Tap Bolt– a headed bolt used without a nut for screwing into a hole.

U bolt

U Bolt– It is a fastening mechanism consisting of two threaded U-shaped bolts.