Drywall Screw– Drywall screws are used to fasten drywall or plasterboard to a building’s wood or metal framework. Different from wood screws, drywall screws are threaded the whole length of their size. These types of screw are made of brittle, hardened steel and can shatter if drilled into hard wood.

Thread forming screwThread forming screws – Thread-forming screws can be used in plastic or metal, depending on the material. By eliminating material from their pointy or blunt ends, they generate their own thread. A pilot hole may be needed before they can be screwed in.

Self Tapping ScrewSelf tapping Crew– These types of screw create their own holes when driven into a material and may be used in many different situations. A thread-forming screw (which does not remove material from a hole) and a thread-cutting screw are two subcategories (which do remove material from a hole). To use self-tapping screws, a pilot hole is usually required.

security screwSecurity screw-  Security screws are intended to be used in areas where there is a significant danger of damage or theft. They cannot be unscrewed with a standard screwdriver and must be removed using special equipment.

Machine screwMachine screw Machine screw, like bolts, have a socket in the head that allows them to be driven with a screwdriver. They have uniform threads, which implies that the diameter of the thread remains constant throughout their length. This differs from the tapered threads seen on woodscrews, which cut their own thread.

Mirror screwMirror Screw– Designed with a decorative dome or other cover to conceal the head.

Decking screwDecking screwLonger screws which are used for fastening down deck boards

Lag screw– used in wood construction for heavier load applications than most wood screws can support.

Metal Screw– The metal screw is easily distinguishes from the wood screw by its thread – the metal screw is threaded the length of the shank.

Tek screw– These types of screws, also known as self-drilling screws, are self-tapping fasteners with a drill bit end that allows them to be used for fastening wood and metal together without pre-drilling. A high-speed impact drive is ideal for Tek screws.

Wood Screw-Woodscrews may be used on both hard and soft timbers, as well as chipboard and MDF. They are often composed of steel or brass. Woodscrews are a sort of self-tapping screw, which implies that they generate their own thread with their tapered body and pointed head. Woodscrews, on the other hand, generally need the drilling of a pilot hole to avoid breaking the wood.