Bridges- Components and Classification

Bridges are essential infrastructure elements that facilitate transportation and connect communities by spanning various obstacles. They come in various designs and types, each carefully engineered to suit specific requirements. In this article, we will explore the components that make up a typical bridge and delve into its classification based on different criteria, such as materials, […]

Parts of Bridge

PARTS OF BRIDGE The construction of a bridge involves the assembly of various structural elements, each with a specific purpose and function. These components work together to create a safe, durable, and efficient passage over obstacles such as rivers, valleys, or roads. Understanding the key parts of a bridge is essential for engineers, architects, and […]

Types of Bridge

TYPES OF BRIDGE Arch Bridge-These types of bridge have curved arch abutments at either end. Arch bridges function by partially shifting the weight of the bridge and its loads into a horizontal thrust controlled by abutments on each side. Beam Bridge– In terms of structural design, beam bridges have the simplest spans, which are supported by […]