Bridges- Components and Classification

Bridges are essential infrastructure elements that facilitate transportation and connect communities by spanning various obstacles. They come in various designs and types, each carefully engineered to suit specific requirements. In this article, we will explore the components that make up a typical bridge and delve into its classification based on different criteria, such as materials, […]

Different Types of Fences

When selecting a fence for your yard, it is important to consider the structure’s design, privacy, security, and cost. Because a fence improves the aesthetics of your property in addition to providing privacy and protection. In this article, you can learn more about the different types of fences. DIFFERENT TYPES OF FENCES There are several […]

Water Storage Tank

WATER STORAGE TANK A water storage tank is a container that keeps clean water from your reverse osmosis system or other filtration systems until you are ready to use it. Pressurized storage tanks release water on demand, whereas atmospheric tanks require the use of a booster pump to maintain pressure. Water storage tanks come in […]

Types of buildings

TYPES OF BUILDINGS There are many different types of buildings that are categorized depending on factors such as construction, purpose, size, style, and design. Buildings are classified according to their use and occupancy under the International Building Code (IBC) and the Uniform Building Code (UBC). The IBC and UBC requirements are reasonable since they control […]

Types of Retaining Wall

DIFFERENT TYPES OF RETAINING WALL Different types of retaining wall are built in various locations depending on a variety of factors such as the material to be used, the type of soil, the slope of the hillside, local building codes, and the topography of the site. What is Retaining Wall? Retaining walls are rigid wall […]

Types of Dam

TYPES OF DAM  Arch Dam– These types of dam are concrete or masonry dams that are curved upstream to transfer the majority of the water weight to the abutment dams with a double curve. A curved vertically and horizontally curved arch dam.Buttress Dam- A buttress dam, sometimes called a hollow dam, has a solid, watertight […]

Parts of Bridge

PARTS OF BRIDGE The construction of a bridge involves the assembly of various structural elements, each with a specific purpose and function. These components work together to create a safe, durable, and efficient passage over obstacles such as rivers, valleys, or roads. Understanding the key parts of a bridge is essential for engineers, architects, and […]

Types of Culvert

TYPES OF CULVERT Arch Culvert- These types of culverts are similar to pipe arch culverts, but an artificial floor is created beneath the arch in this case. It is commonly utilized in tight passageways. The artificial floor is constructed of concrete, as is the arch, which is also built of concrete. Steel arch culverts are […]

Parts of Roadway

PARTS OF ROADWAY Carriage way or pavement– These parts of the roadway refer to the unrestricted traffic-moving section of the road that is paved. Traffic lanes determine the width of the road or pavement. The number of lines depends on the kind of route, the value of the service, and the intensity of traffic. Shoulder– […]

Types of Bridge

TYPES OF BRIDGE Arch Bridge-These types of bridge have curved arch abutments at either end. Arch bridges function by partially shifting the weight of the bridge and its loads into a horizontal thrust controlled by abutments on each side. Beam Bridge– In terms of structural design, beam bridges have the simplest spans, which are supported by […]

Prestressed concrete

Types of Prestressed Concrete |Tendons in Prestressed Concrete |Types Tendons in Prestressed Concrete What is Prestressed Concrete? Prestressed concrete is the most durable, dependable, and most grounded substance that is broadly utilized for the development of megastructures and bridges. It is a type of cement where high-strength tendon put in pressure areas of the cross-segment […]