Shear Wall: Types and Location in Buildings

What Is Shear Wall? A shear wall is a structural component used in building construction to provide lateral support and resistance against horizontal forces such as wind loads, seismic forces, and other lateral loads. It is designed to primarily carry shear forces, which are forces that act parallel to the plane of the wall. Shear […]

Overmount vs Undermount Sink

Overmount vs undermount sink There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing a kitchen sink, including size, depth, dividers, and materials. It is best to decide whether you want an overmount or undermount sink first, as this will make future decisions easier. This choice will largely depend on the type of countertop you have. Although […]

Different Types of Lintels

Different Types of Lintels The different types of lintels used in building construction will be covered in this article. Lintels can only be classified based on the materials used in their construction. What is lintel? A lintel is a structural component that holds across openings in a residential building such as windows, doors, and so […]

Concrete Stairs Reinforcement Details

Concrete Stairs Reinforcement Details Concrete reinforcement is a fundamental aspect of construction that involves enhancing the strength, durability, and stability of concrete structures. This practice is particularly crucial in areas where concrete is subjected to various forces, such as tension and compression, that can compromise its integrity over time. In this discussion, we will explore […]

Types of Columns Used in Construction

TYPES OF COLUMNS USED IN CONSTRUCTION Different types of columns are used in various parts of structures. A column is a vertical structural element used to support compression loads. Loads may be transferred from a ceiling, floor slab, roof slab, or beam to a floor or foundation. Columns usually carry bending moments along one or […]

Types of Footings

In this article, we will explore the various types of footings commonly used in construction. Footings are an essential component of any building or structure, as they provide stability and support by transferring the load to the underlying soil or rock. By understanding the different types of footings, builders and engineers can choose the most […]

Types of Slab

SLAB REINFORCEMENT DETAIL One way Slab – These types of slab are when twice the shorter span is less than the longer span, it is considered a one-way slab. It is called a one-way slab because it will bend in one direction only. (along a short span) The following figures represent the simple steps and […]

Types of Beam

TYPES OF BEAM Strap Beam-These types of beams are used to connect columns. The main purpose is to reduce the column’s slenderness ratio but also avoid the buckling effect. If the column’s unprotected length reaches 4m, a tie beam must be provided. Grade Beam- The component of the foundation of a building are generally constructed […]