Welding Joint

A welding joint refers to the point where two or more pieces of material are joined together by the process of welding. It is the area where the welding operation takes place, and the joint must be properly prepared and positioned to ensure a strong and durable weld. The welding joint can vary in shape, […]

Reinforcement Splicing

REINFORCEMENT SPLICING Reinforcement splicing, also known as rebar splicing, is the process of connecting two or more reinforcing bars (rebars) to create a continuous reinforcement in reinforced concrete structures. Reinforcement splicing is typically done to achieve structural integrity, continuity, and load transfer across the spliced bars. Proper reinforcement splicing is critical to ensure the performance […]

Types of Brazing Method

In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of brazing, their applications, advantages, and disadvantages. What is Brazing? Brazing is the process of joining two metals together using a molten filler metal. The filler metal will melt at a lower temperature than the two metals being joined. Brazing Process Cleaning the base metal surfaces is […]