Bridge Railings: Types and Common Features of Bridge Railings

Bridge Railing: Types and Common Features of Bridge Railings In this article, we will discuss various types of bridge railings commonly used in infrastructure projects. Bridge railings play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of motorists and pedestrians by providing containment and redirecting vehicles in the event of an accident. Let’s explore some of […]

Kilometer Post

kilometer post | Kilometer marker posts For those who are unfamiliar, kilometer post are the upright cement poles that are typically yellow and are located along the side of the road. They are common in the provinces, particularly on national highways such as the Pan-Philippine Highway, which stretches across the Philippines. Most of us were […]

Road Drainage

ROAD DRAINAGE The road drainage system is used to remove and dispose of surface and subsurface water. It maintains the road’s stability and durability by keeping it as dry as possible. Water becomes more prone to contamination the longer it remains on a surface. Highway design and construction are not complete without the installation of […]


Flyover: Types | Classification based on Form & Material | Advantages & Disadvantages A flyover is built over the road to help with traffic management. It can be built over a railroad or an existing road. Nowadays, the use of these flyovers is a common engineering term in large cities with congested traffic. What is […]

Rumble Strips

Rumble strips (also known as alert strips or sleeper lines) are a road safety precaution that alerts inattentive drivers of a possible hazard by causing a tactile vibration and audible rumbling that is transmitted into the vehicle interior via the wheels. A rumble strip is used to alert drivers when they drift from their lane […]

Super Elevation

Superelevation | Factors Affecting Super elevation Design | A Method of Providing Road Superelevation One of the most important features in road construction is super elevation on horizontal curves. It is essential to provide super elevation on roads for the safe movement of vehicles on curved sections of roads. It allows fast-moving vehicles to travel […]