Mivan Shuttering Formwork

What is Mivan Shuttering? Mivan Shuttering Formwork is a type of construction formwork system that is commonly used in the construction industry. It is a fast and efficient method of constructing reinforced concrete structures, particularly for high-rise buildings and large-scale projects. The Mivan Shuttering Formwork system consists of lightweight aluminum panels, which are easily assembled […]

Types of Scaffolding

Types of scaffolding used in construction There are several types of scaffolding, each with its own set of advantages. The type of scaffolding used is determined by the circumstances of the construction project. Each project’s size and complexity will determine which type or types are necessary to complete the work effectively and safely. Scaffolding Scaffolding […]


What is formwork? Formworks are an important component in the building industry and may be defined as a temporary or permanent shape into which concrete is poured and hardened. Formworks are built of wood or steel, with the surface in touch with the concrete chosen to provide the desired finish. The formworks and related false […]